Best Electric Pressure Washer, Review of Stanley SHP 1600

Hello Reader’s, we are here to help you as “Make it easy” is our motto. Our basic intention is helping peoples around the world to select the best electric pressure washer. Taking into consideration all the necessary issues for deep cleaning work, we have constructed this review. It will be helpful for you to take your suitable buying decision.


Are you exhausted to manage your cleaning work at your home and around premises like as windows, side wall, pool, Vehicles, driveways, sidewalk, deck, patio, garage (with oil stains) and many other typical outdoor areas by traditional ways. Cleaning all these by hand, brush, soap or detergent etc is so tough and also time-consuming for all.

Do you ever try an electric pressure washer? Or do you have a gas pressure washer which is not appropriate for your requirements, and you are now thinking something deferent? Or is your previous pressure washer become unusable! And maybe you are thinking to buy a new fresh electric pressure washer.

But you are in the problem to search (physically in the local market and here on the internet for online shopping) the best and perfect pressure washer considering your ability and requirement. Here, time and how to decide (which product is best) is an important factor for all.

To select the best electric pressure washer; the factors which we have considered, are world class ratings, diverse criterion, deferent of features and facilities, lots of pros and cons; and matching all of these with ability and requirement. Generally, it is so difficult to find and make a perfect decision. There are thousands of companies and more amount of products will confuse you thinking that which criterion should consider!


Stanley SHP1600 one of the best among all considering above discussed issues. You will get the highest level of cleaning power tools and driven by a reliable universal motor. It is certified by CSA International for safety.

The features which are required for best cleaning work like as PSI, GPM, portability, detergent tank, variable spray nozzle lance and accessories availability makes Stanley SHP 1600 popular among users. It is also one of the low-cost electric pressure washers in the world with great power.

Best-Pressure-Washer Stanley 1600

USA based STANLEY® is the leading global manufacturer of hand tools which was founded in 1843 and a flagship brand of the wider Stanley Black & Decker Corporation. They are committed to providing professionals across the globe with products which are smart, tough, pioneering and up to the task.


  • Maximum 1600 PSI, 1.3 GPM electric pressure washer; An universal motor & tri-axial pressure washer pump ensures the best cleaning power
  • The only 16lbs weight of this washer makes it popular which is convenient to carry for cleaning projects of all kinds around the house
  • Excellent user-friendly operating system
  • 5 minutes required to install
  • Easy knob system power switch for startup.
  • Soft and flexible 20 feet long high-pressure hose connection made by PVC, which simplify nozzle and accessory usage
  • It has brass garden hose connectors like as Professional grade
  • When the trigger is not engaged, its Total Stop System (TSS) automatically shuts off the pressure washer to prolong the life of the pump.
  • Removable 14oz detergent bottle for best deep cleanup
  • An auto-reset GFCI plug along with 35′ long power cord ensures its mobility to a distance place from home.
  • Its 0° variable turbo nozzle lance and Extension lance helps maximum cleaning power on stubborn areas
  • Backed by 2 years limited warranty
  • Including some popular accessories like as Spray Gun Holster, variable turbo nozzle lance and Extension Lance, o-ring replacement kit & detergent bottle, Nozzle Cleaning Wire, Screws
  • Package contents are pressure washer, pressure washer gun, pressure washer wand, high-pressure hose

Best-Pressure-Washer 212 Stanley 1600

Some Notes:

  • Buyers should keep in mind the Stanley SHP1600 is not built for heavy duty work.
  • PVC hose would be less durable often, but using with little caution would make it long-lasting.
  • There may be a problem as the soap dispenser leaves a lot to be desired. The soap bottle seems poor in operation. Before use, you must remove the end of the wand place the bottle on the wand, soap then remove and replace the nozzle
  • Please always use a pressure washer safe detergent
  • Your washer can only move as far as the power cord and hose allows it. So, you may require a longer hose to reach
  • Warranty is very limited.

Best-Pressure-Washer 121 Stanley 1600

Safety Features

  • Just for remind you, there are no wheels, so you will find yourself carrying it and placing it in project sections
  • Before pulling the trigger it is requested to wear eye protected glasses just for caution as 1600 PSI is very powerful and it may cause human physical damage.


Among all, the Stanley SHP1600 is cost worthy best basic electric pressure washer with the capacity to handle all light-duty cleaning jobs. Based on its performance, durability, lightweight, and many other features make it a popular Electric Pressure Washer in the world.

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