The Best Cordless Impact Wrench Review of DeWalt DCF 880 M2

In searching to find out the best cordless impact wrench, we found The DEWALT’s wrench which’s model isĀ  DCF880M2. The most striking feature of this model is its light weight which is about 3.4lbs. Its compact design (5.70″ front to back), along with its light weight makes the model simple to use and easier to carry in areas where other heavier wrenches are difficult or impossible.



Best-Cordless-Impact-Wrench A2


The DEWALT DCF880M2 bids goodbye to sore hands as this tool is perfectly suited to be used for long hours of working with its hand-friendly texture and anti-slip grip.

Battery-for-the-Best-Cordless-Impact-Wrench A2

What makes your long-term hard work less tiring is, the 20-voltĀ  XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge which are said to have 33% more capacity over standard packs enabling you to work for almost 24 hours before recharging the batteries again


This model not only takes care of your aching hand but also of your eyes when having to work in the dark, The product comes with three (3) LED lights having 20-second delays after trigger release which allows you to work even in the dark.


Another time-saving feature of this model is the model comes with a hog ring anvil. The hog ring anvil makes it very easy to change sockets with a simple push and pull saving your precious time and extra effort


To add to its user-friendliness this DEWALT Impact Wrench has a battery fuel gauge indicator with three LED lights so that you are always aware of the remaining battery life and do not have to worry about sudden power cut midway of working
If you are looking for a cost friendly tool this model should be your perfect pick



  • The compact design and lightweight (5.70″ front to back), lightweight (3.4 lbs) enables the user to operate in small or compressed areas
  • Three (3) LED lights with 20-second delay after trigger release, allows the user to work in dark areas
  • The Hog ring anvil allows sockets to be changed easily saving both time and effort
  • The texture and grip makes it easy and efficient to use
  • The product comes with batteries that last for about 24 hours
  • Battery fuel gauge indicator with three LED lets the user know about the battery life remaining in a pack


  • This product is not suitable for high power work
  • Removing sockets can be difficult

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