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Hi, this is Michael with tools verge’s reviews. Today I will give a brief description of a great and most popular mechanics tools set box. So let’s start.

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This is the DeWalt DWMT 75049, and it’s their 192 (one hundred and ninety-two) pieces mechanic’s toolset. This set primarily consists of sockets and ratchets extensions everything to do with a ratchet.

It really covers the need as far as mechanics go for sockets and ratchets and what you’ll need on the job, except for the impact sockets that are used by impact driver. So, let’s see why this is Best Socket Set For Mechanic?

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See from the top here we’ve got hex or Allen keys as well as your torques. And then you start getting into the 3/8 drive in the deep well and that is SAE, as well as metric, as well as your shallow well and SAE and metric and 3/8 drive.

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And then we step into the half-inch drive set here and again we’ve got SAE from 7/16 all the way up to 1 inch. And then metric from 13 millimeters all the way up to 22 millimeter.

Then we get into the deep well side of things in the half-inch drive. Then we get down into the quarter inch drives and again we’ve got the quarter inch on the metric and the SAE and we’ve got from 5/32 all the way up to 1/2 inch, and that’s in deep well as well as shallow well sockets.

Then also on the metric side, we’ve got everything from 4 millimetres all the way up to 14 millimeters, in shallow well as well as deep well sockets on the quarter inch.

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It also has three different size spark plug wrenches or spark plug sockets then getting into you’ve got a universal four quarter-inch 3/8 as well as a half inch.

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You have extensions and quarter inch 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive you’ve got a couple of each, as well as adapters from the quarter inch to 3/8 and from 3/8 to ½ inch.

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Then you even get into the Allen keys or the hex keys and again we have those in SAE as well as metric sizes .it even comes with the nice Dewalt holders as well.

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It comes with three ratchets the quarter inch 3/8 drive as well as the half inch. and you’ll see that these ratchets aren’t small, they’re not skinny they’ve got a good weight to them. they’ve got a nice oval design. That fits comfortable in the hand, and even they’ve got some indentations here that are easy to grab so it doesn’t slip.

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And you see you can change direction with a single hand with your thumb and easily switch that from lefty loose to righty tight or on-off, left-right whatever you want to call that.

You’ve got your push button detent so you can easily push the button and release those sockets.

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These sockets are made from chrome vanadium, that are so much like from many other sockets on the market and the manufacturers use this to bake their Best Socket Set For Mechanic.  But, where they differ a lot is that number one, they’ve got their direct torque technology.

So just like in their impact sockets, you’ll see in the corners of the six-point socket that it’s actually opened up a bit and that’s to allow to grab on to the sides of the bolt or the nut when you’re backing that out.

so it’s not trying to put all the force on the corners of those fasteners it’s using the sides like it needs to back those fasteners off, that’s called their direct force technology.  it’s applied to all these sockets here.

you’ll also notice that the sockets have a knurled band all the way around these sockets so you can grab these sockets with your fingers and be able to turn a fastener if you needed to. you can fill that knurling a lot of times.

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Comparing with other sockets of craftsman USA made as well as a Snap-On socket they have some knurling on it. you can barely see it, and you really can’t feel it as well as. even on the snap-on, there’s some knurling there you can barely feel that, either but this knurling of Dewalt, you actually can feel that. so you’d be able to grab that and turn something.

also, you can easily read all these sizes so it is engraved or heavily laser engraved. But you can actually feel that in there the sizes of these sockets very easily, even from the quarter. it’s all the way up to the half-inch and be able to read those sizes whether it be metric or standard SAE.

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The Dewalt DWMT 75049 is really shining with these mechanic tool sets is there covering this with their full lifetime warranty.

now I’m not talking about going to a store taking back your broken piece and exchanging it for a rebuild or remanufactured one. I’m talking about not even taking a picture of it to call their 1-800 number tell them what you broke, and they will send you a brand new piece straight to your doorstep.

so you don’t have to worry about it. You really can’t beat a full warranty like that and that goes for every piece in this toolset

You can buy this complete set for as little as two hundred and eleven dollars (±). And you’re really going to be hard-pressed to find anything like that at a hundred ninety-two pieces with the quality; this does have for that two hundred dollar range.

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Though somebody is not a huge fan of a blow molded case but then again how are they supposed to deliver this, they put it in a blow molded case that all the sockets to fit in there. they’re not falling out everywhere as you can see they stick in there.

So big great kit for somebody beginning even if they’re not a beginner they could pull these sockets out, they can put them on rails, put them in their favorite toolbox.

The ratchets are great design ratchet. You’ve got even your spark plug wrenches and you’re covering the gamut from your quarter inch drive to 3/8 drive and half inch drive check it out for yourselves.

It’s the DWMT 75049 .

Please let us know how this article has helped you in selecting your purchase. Any feedback is most welcomed in the comment box below, have a great day.

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