Best Mechanics Tool Set For The Money

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Every automotive mechanic will want to use the best tools for doing the repair work simply because better tools means better work efficiency. If you are here reading this you probably are a regular user of mechanical tools or want to start your new collection and wish to make a purchase sooner or later.

We pay our attention to sort out the best toolset for the money from the best tool brands.

While mechanical tool sets are handy and useful stuff they are expensive nonetheless.  In this write-up review, we have enlisted the top 10 mechanical toolsets available in the market in order to help you make a choice of which toolset you should buy. Let us have a look at the top brands:

WORKPRO 408-piece Mechanics Tool Set

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WORKPRO W009044A Mechanics Tool Set is the toolset designed for daily use. Whether in the garage or at home it has got every tool that any DIY worker or an automotive mechanic would need to get the job done.

The tools come in a portable metal construction box which features two locks and standard latches. It has 3 drawers to hold the collection of tools in them.

Another striking feature installed in the tools is that they are controlled by a thumb operated reverse switch mechanism. The tools support quick release operation as a result of which you can perform quick repairs.

These tools are made of a high-quality material called Chrome vanadium with full polish chrome finish for anti-corrosion protection. The Chrome vanadium increases the torque of the tools while making it durable and strong.

The socket set made of Chrome vanadium includes a variety of ratchets and sockets to fulfill your work requirement.

Combination Wrench comes in metric sizes of 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 millimeters. It contains 16-pieces wrenches set also made of chrome-vanadium steel which is chrome plated with a mirror-polished finish which makes them durable. The ends of the wrenches are angled by 15 degrees that enable usability in tight spaces.

The forged-steel pliers are heat treated with nickel plating. The rust-resistant finish protects the pliers from the corrosion and gives them a fresher look while making them more durable. Cutting strength is enhanced due to the chrome-nickel steel body.

All of the screwdrivers in the set  are magnetic which means the screws and nuts won’t get lost inside the engine while trying to drive them in or out

A 16-ounce ball-pin hammer constructed by drop-forged carbon steel absorbs shock and vibrations. It is fully heat treated and polished with a fiberglass handle that is bend resistant.

The set has an 8 inch (200 millimeters) adjustable wrench with dual material comfort grip handle for anti-slip.

This company sure does provide excellent quality hand tools with professional features that meet ANSI standards.

What we like:

  • portable metal construction box with locks and latches
  • support quick release operation
  • The material used to make the set is Chrome vanadium
  • pliers are heat treated with nickel plating
  • screwdrivers in the set are magnetic

Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set

Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 12

This is a good toolset that suits the need of automotive mechanics that look to work on their cars. The product is of a good quality and the brand is very reliable. Even though it is not professional to the core the set has enough tools to complete a decent garage repair job.

Like most other brands the Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set too is made of chrome vanadium steel. This particular material ensures strength and durability. The tools are also rust and corrosion proof which means they will shine as new for a long time after years of purchase and use. Thanks to its chrome polish.

The distinct feature of this tool is that it is a comprehensive toolset thus you can make almost all repairs in the garage. It contains standard ratchets, sockets, and wrenches along with a pair of needle nose pliers, as well as two adjustable wrenches.

The case in which the Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tools are packed is a pretty decent case that holds together firmly the numerous tools in it even while transportation. The case also has a lock system to keep your tools secure. The tools meet the ANSI standard and are undoubtedly a total package to have in your garage or at home.

What we liked:

  • It is a comprehensive 170-piece set
  • The material used is of chrome vanadium steel
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • The molded case holds the tools in place
  • Security lock in the case
  • 12 combination wrenches provided
  • Three ratchets included
  • Adjustable wrenches and Allen wrenches
  • Needle nose pliers
  • The wide range of screwdrivers
  • Longer handles for more torque

Yaheetech 799pcs Mechanics Tool Set

Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 23

Are you looking for a toolset with a lot of tools? Do you want to have the tools that are needed all the time along with tools that are seldom used? Here is your perfect pick!

The Yaheetech 799pcs Sturdy Aluminum Tool Set has a huge quantity of tools that back a decent standard quality. It might not be the most famous brand you have ever heard of but this is surely the brand that provides a lot of tools in one single kit.

An aluminum case carries the 799 pieces of tools. The case comes with a hand truck attached to it along with skating wheels at the bottom. The handle and the wheels give the case the appearance of a luggage and enable you to move around with it easily. The four molded plastic holders keep the tools in place. There are two pieces of lockable latches with keys in the case, which ensures the security of the stored tools.

Carbon steel, plastic, and iron are used to make the tools thus they are very durable. As a blessing in disguise you have rubber pads are inserted in them which make them noise-free and scratch resistant.

While working using this toolset you have at your service every tool you may need or not need. Every standard tool is present in the set along with some rare requirements like wire cutters, a glue gun, and a bubble level. Garage work can be done at peace with the Yaheetech 799pcs Sturdy Aluminum Tool Set.

As bonus gifts, you get 2 pairs of white gloves which may come more than handy while using the tools for your repair work.

This toolkit works just fine in completing most of your repair works. It contains quality tools. If you love variety then this should be your first choice kit.

What We Liked

  • Massive 799-piece set that provides a variety
  • The material used is chrome polished steel making the tools more durable
  • Aluminum carrying case with wheels that make transportation easy
  • Removable plastic holders inside
  • Ratchets, wrenches, pliers, hammer, screwdrivers
  • Complete package for all jobs
  • Bonus gifts you get 2 pairs of white gloves

Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 22

Craftsman brings to you a great toolset with which you can do loads of garage work with a  lot of ease. The 450 piece Mechanics Tool Set has a diverse variety of tools that make even the most intense hard work sessions seem light.

Starting from working under the engine for fastening a simple nut this case has every operating tool.

The Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set comes in a case which is pretty handy for storing your tools or moving about with them.

Inside you get three quick-release ratchets in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch drives.  These quick release ratchets are helpful in changing sockets especially in projects that need multiple fastener sizes. Especially while swapping through different accessories such as extensions or adapters you will have the quick release technology to thank.

6 extension bars give you an extended reach when needed. There are 191 sockets, 6-point, 8-point, and 12-point, which are available in both inch and metric.

At times during your repair work, you may need to reach places of your vehicle where even the ratchet does not reach. A collection of 16 combination wrenches comes to your rescue to can get your work done even in the most compressed spaces.

Magnetic handles in the drivers allow easy nut or bits installation because the screws and nuts stick to the magnet and avoid falling off during work. There are 12 nut drivers and a wide range of 175 screwdriver bits that can be used for a variety of applications in your vehicle. You are sure to need almost all of them sooner or later while fixing your car.

The 40 hex keys and 6 adaptors are there to choose from for your work which you can carry in one of the  3-drawer cases that are detachable allowing you to carry the tools you need for work without having to lift the whole box.

Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set offers a lot of tools in one buy. The most important thing is the set is very simple and well organized. If you are a regular automotive mechanic then organizing your tools in a proper manner sure does mean a lot to you.

It may not be the most comprehensive toolset in the world but you do get a wide range of diverse socket heads, bits and Allen keys to add to your collection and well suited to complete decent repair jobs.

What we liked:

  • 3 drawer detachable case
  • 3 quick release ratchets
  • 6 extension bars
  • 16 combination wrenches
  • Magnetic drivers

DEWALT DWMT72165, 204 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 54

DeWalt is the brand name that any automotive mechanic would know. They sure do maintain a supreme quality in manufacturing mechanical tools. One thing for sure about this brand is that the products of DeWalt is made in such a way that they turn out to be way more durable and long-lasting than other brands. DeWalt does no different in this particular product either.

DEWALT DWMT72165, 204 Piece Tool Set stands out because of its ratchet construction. With as many as 72 teeth the ratchet increases the torque and delivers efficient output for your work to be done much quicker with lesser effort. They provide a five-degree turning radius. This enables you to turn your nuts with lesser swings.

The sockets in the toolset have DeWalt’s Direct Torque design which ensures that there is more contact between the ratchet and the socket resulting in more torque production when they are used. The numerous teeth along with direct torque designed sockets from DeWalt generates more power and work speed that enhances total performance.

With a  slim head, the ratchet lets your work to be done in rigid spaces such as under the hood or underneath the jacked up car. Quick release buttons make changing sockets easy during work saving your valuable time and effort.

The drivers have a durable anti-slip vinyl grips that provides maximum comfort while using the tools. Also when you are doing some screw or nut tightening job the knurled beauty rings prevent the drivers from slipping off from your hand.

To add further to the products greatness we get an amazing molded carrying case with a handle that lets you take the tool anywhere you want to get all your work done

What We Liked

  • The material used in the tools is chrome polished steel
  • It is a massive 205-piece set
  • There are three ratchet sizes for convenience
  • The anti-slip handle on the screwdriver
  • Ratchets have 72 teeth for tighter turns
  • Five-degree swing  allow better working in tight spaces
  • Molded plastic carrying case
  • Direct Torque technology for better performance

STANLEY STMT73795 Mechanics Tool Set

Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 66

With a versatile mix of different components, the Stanley Stmt73795 Mixed Tool Set is one of the most unique products on our list. Reliability is present in the brand name itself which is further augmented by the fact that each tool is made of chrome vanadium material.

Rusting and corrosion are prevented due to the material being coated which means that the tools in the Stanley Stmt73795 Mixed Tool Set will last for years and work and look as good as new.

With a great variety of tools for your garage repairs, this toolset serves you best during your work. You get a standard ser ratchet combination along with several flathead screwdrivers. A combination screwdriver adds diversity to the package along with a box cutter, a tape measure, and adjustable wrench, and needle nose pliers are some other useful tools that come in the toolset.

A double-hinged carrying case keeps all tools in place in their particular spot where they stay packed and clean. The case is made from rugged plastic meaning you can travel with it.

With all these excellent features in one single toolset, the Stanley Stmt73795 stays on the top of most automotive mechanic’s wish list.

What We Liked:

  • It is a 210-piece set
  • Made from chrome vanadium construction
  • Anti-corrosion material
  • Blow molded case for protection
  • Allen and combo wrenches
  • Screwdrivers, tape measure, adjustable wrench
  • Three ratchets with a reverse capability
  • Pliers and box cutter

Kobalt 227-Piece Mechanics Tool Set with Case

Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 44

As an automotive mechanic, it may be your dream to have all the tools that you would possibly need in one single kit. There is some good news for you as the Kobalt 227-Piece Standard/Metric Mechanics Tool Set brings them together. This kit has all the tools you may need to use in your garage or at home for fixing your vehicle.

The case of this toolset is designed in such a way that all the tools in the kit fit into it in an organized way. There is a fitted storage in the lid, a drop in the tray and three drawers. One of the trays is kept empty for storing frequently needed tools for quick access. What is even better is that most tools fit well into the case. These tools need to be placed in their particular slots assigned in the case.

Made from steel pin with plastic the case keeps the numerous amounts of tools secure and in place. There are side handles in the box to carry it around the place. Just in case you prefer carrying the toolkit one handed there is a recessed top handle.

At times you may need only one set of tools to be used. In such situations, drawers can be pulled out allowing you to carry only the tools that you need rather than lifting the whole kit.

Now that we have spoken about the mighty protective case let us know what is inside it. The Kobalt 227-Piece Mechanics Tool Set contains 117 commonly used 6-pt and 12-pt sockets made from chrome vanadium steel which enhances durability.

It also has 1/2″, 3/8″ and 1/4″ drive ratchet, they have 72 tooth ratcheting mechanism with 5 degrees of arc swing. This feature generates high torque even when you have limited distance to swing the ratchet handle in tight areas.

A quick-release button on ratchet allows for a rapid socket and accessory change which saves a lot of valuable time during work. Socket extensions are included so that you can reach those nuts and bolts easily that are a little difficult to work on. The sockets are cleverly color-coded to distinguish between standard and metric sizes. The socket sizes range from 1″ to 21mm.

Kobalt also includes 3 ratchets, 4 extensions, 30 combination wrenches, 40 hex keys, and 33 assorted tools which are also color coded.  Besides the standard tools, the package also includes some tiny wrenches.

A magnetic bit driver, 1/4″ driver, two 20 piece hex sets in pouches, 19 piece hex screwdriver bit set and 12 nut driver bits complete the set. The drivers are slim thus you can work in tight spaces under the hood and the jack lifted the engine.  They also boast of a secure grip which makes it comfortable to work with

With so many varieties of tools, you can do everything you need to. All tools come with Cobalt’s Lifetime Hassle-Free Warranty

What we like:

  • The supreme protective case
  • Chrome vanadium sockets and wrenches
  • Tiny wrenches included beside standard tools
  • Sockets and ratchets are color coded
  • Magnetic drivers

DEKOPRO 255 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 77

The DEKOPRO 255 Piece Tool Set contains a diverse range of tools that can be used for almost all garage work. Well, that is the scenario in all the toolsets described here, but what is it that makes this product unique?

Well the DEKOPRO 255 Piece Tool Set has a case that stands apart from the rest. With back supporting legs that provide stability, the toolset case is one of the toughest and most durable.

The box has bearing skating wheels to improve mobility. A two-stage height adjustment system allows you to adjust grip during transportation. The handle is also quoted with rubber that makes it easy and comfortable to hold the case while traveling with it.  The body and lid of the case have a glass fiber reinforced body which makes the case suitable for all work sets. The accurate interior keeps all the tools in place even while on the move.

There is a complete variety of necessary equipment that you would need as an automotive mechanic while repairing any sort of damage to your vehicle.

7 combination wrenches, 9 Hex key wrenches, one rip claw hammer   1 seven-inch Lineman’s Pliers and 1 eight and a half inch Wire Stripper  are included in the first tray

The second tray contains ratchet handles and socket extensions of  ½ and ¼ inch. They also have a variety of screwdriver bits and universal joints

Some utility applications are contained in the third tray like and adjustable Wrench 8’’ a utility Knife and blades, long nose pliers, screwdriver handle, PVC Insulating Tape, 10ft Measure Tape rule, glue gun, glue stick and a flashlight with the magnet.

High standard and quality are maintained for each product inside the toolset in all aspects. The material used to make the tools is forged chrome vanadium which makes the tools durable and corrosion proof.

ANSI standard of all the tools are well met or above.

What we like:

  • Strong durable trolley case
  • chrome vanadium material used to make the tools
  • Additional utilities along with the basic standard tools

MVPOWER 95 Piece Mechanics Tool Set


Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 88

This set of tools is suitable mostly for DIY( Do It Yourself) projects at your home. The kit contains most basic tools needed for household repair works but also comes in handy for automotive mechanics in doing simple necessary maintenance work in the garage.

It may only be a 95 piece set meant for basic repairs but that does not mean it is lower in quality and standard. The solid carbon steel construction along with rust proof blasted finish ensures the tools have durability and can perform heavy duty task. The carbon material protects the tools even when they are accidentally dropped. Work is made easy due to the quality tools.

The box contains most basic tools that include 8 hex key wrenches, drive-sockets, diagonal cutting pliers and bit driver handle; and slip joint pliers used for grasping and turning, snap off knife used easily for cutting through cardboard boxes, precision screwdrivers for small applications. It also includes other vehicle maintenance and repair tools.

All the tools are stored in a sturdy compact storage case where they stay secure, clean, organized and easy to find.

What we liked:

  • Perfect starter toolkit for home repairs
  • Almost anybody can operate it
  • Top high-quality materials
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

Apollo Tools 95 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Best-Mechanic-Tool-Set-For-The-Money 99

The Apollo Tools 95 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit is a compact mobile toolkit that contains the most popular basic tools like wrenches, sockets and other garage tools. Besides other large kits, this compact kit comes in very handy for most jobs while on the move.

Apollo tools are made from the high-grade alloy steel which increases durability. They are also coated with chrome to resist corrosion and rust.

Containing 1/4″ and 3/8″ Sockets and a selection of the most popular garage tools this set does most of the basic repairs and maintenance at your workstation and home. The set has most popular sized sockets, wrenches, and important hand tools, including pliers, adjustable wrenches, ratcheting bit driver, SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and metric hex keys, wire brush, wire stripper and more.

With this toolset, you can be confident about completing any basic maintain ace work without doubt as it has even the basic tools such as sockets, combination wrenches, hex keys, wire stripper, pliers, adjustable wrenches, tire gauge, voltage tester and more.

Every tool in it features non-slip comfort grip handles that provide you with extra torque and durability.

Despite other kits being large and having a variety of tools they sometimes miss out the most basic necessity tool which this set from Apollo does not. The small size also makes it portable which is a great advantage if you have to travel distances for basic repairs

What you may like:

  • Contains the most basic tools within the 95 pieces set
  • Compact and mobile set
  • made from the high-grade alloy steel
  • features non-slip comfort grip handles


Being an automotive mechanic you sure do the importance of a reliable and quality tool set. The tools in the set are like oxygen in your garage. You will need these tools right throughout the day no matter what repair work you are doing. Thus, we understand the importance of choosing the right Mechanics Tool Set For The Money. The tool sets mentioned here are beyond doubt all amazing. You will not regret buying any one of them. Now it is up to you to make a choice as per your need.

Please let us know how this review has helped you in your purchase and as always any suggestions and opinions are always welcomed through the comment box below.

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