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Auto mechanic tools save time and money a lot. The auto mechanic tool is innovative and rapidly changing tools, so that don’t be amazed if you see that today’s tool will change a little bit for the better experience in tomorrow.I’m going to reveal you some top automotive tools, the ones that a mechanic keeps close at hand and work efficiently by them.

Tite-Reach Tool


It is one of those tools which is very available and handy. When a mechanic is working in areas like engine compartments, he can’t get his socket into the tight places. That is why the Tite-Reach tool comes in handy. By the end of the extension, machine slaps your device and attach your ratchet to the other end. Then with the “unreachable” bolt you may loosen or tighten it, and the extension tools are available like for 1/4 in and 3/4 in.

So you can reach into tight places with this Ratchet extender.

Socket Set


Now I will share about a tool Dewalt, a brand known for its heavy-duty power tools. It is now making sockets as well as wrenches.

When you pick up one of these ratchets, you will see that it is heavy and beefy handle and fits better in one’s palm. It has reversing mechanisms and recess quick- release, so the ratchet head fits in tight spots.

The wrenches and sockets both have deep laser etched before those chromed.

Dewalt has two sockets or wrench, which set configurations a 204 piece wrench set and 118 piece set. Another thing about Dewalt that it has the lifetime warranty and I doubt you’ll ever need a replacement.

Needle Scaler


Needle scaler also called needle gun which is used to remove mill scale, rust and old paint from the surfaces of car metal. It also has various uses for home repair, automobile repair, and shipboard preservation.

It’s like a sea monster with tentacles and has nineteen 1/8-in. It blows 4,600 per minute. You may move the adjustment collar to the forward and the back so that you may vary the needle force and the coverage area. You can use it to knock rust, and you can also use it to old paint off your car. But another thing you need to deal with like the pits from the corrosion.

Needle scaler has a rubber-faced throttle valve which has positive sealing. For the maximum performance, it has precision heat-treated needles. You may need surface preparation work, and it involves the cleaning or removal of paint, rust, dirt or weld slag. It is durable, dependable and has an economical solution.

Split Nut


Split nut is another useful tool which attaches with the wrench and cracks any no-go nut without damaging the threads. Have you ever experienced with any stubborn bolt which was not coming out? If you have experienced with that and gave up, so you need that split nut on that time.

So here I’m describing to you the handy and common Auto Mechanic tools, and I’ll suggest you read between the lines of another article Ratchet Wrench Set.

 Locking Extension Bars



It’s another handy tool for you. This tool will drag when you pull the ratchet and the extension bar out of a tight spot, so it will discover that the socket is stuck on the head of the bolt. So you want to avoid it you should use this locking extension bar.



Pliers are used to grabbing small things. You will catch this and go after clamps and clips. Most of us know about this tool, so I don’t need to tell more about it.

Flexible Sockets


You can use any flexible socket because it gets in tight places. So the difference between plastic plugs and ordinary sockets is pretty apparent. Like, we find flex sockets have shorter profile than a regular cap and universal joint combo. Though they are a bit pricey, they let you remove and install bolts in really inaccessible places.

Electrical Connectors


It is an electro-mechanical tool which is used to join electrical terminations and also create an electrical circuit. This handy tool consists of plugs and jacks. You may find the connection may be temporary like the portable tool, require for assembling and removing.

Spark Plug Pliers


To prevent Boot and Wire damage, you will need this handy tool. Maybe when you grab and hold the plug wires with pliers, you’ll get for sure damage the boot. But the spark plug boot plier allows you to catch it firmly on the spark plug boot without tearing it. So if you use spark plug pliers then no more torn boots or wires.

Torque with Digital Accuracy


The accuracy of torque is so essential but how do you know about it, so you need a proper measurement. Digital skill is so important. Without a torque wrench, you can not manage a lot of things like you can do significant damage to your car, tractor or truck. To do it in the right way, you can buy several sizes of torque wrenches. Without spending a lot of dough, you can safely use the dough. Remember to buy any digital torque adapter and use the torque with a 1/2-in. Digital torque will show you the rising torque, and the readout of LED as well as audible signal.

Handy Fasteners


Most of us spent many hours looking for nuts, washers, bolts, and other small parts spread willy-nilly around the garage. It is a waste of time so that you need to slap them onto a magnetized belt clip.

Circuit Tester


I’d bet that your family mechanic still uses an analog circuit tester which can wreck your car’s computer. So you need a digital and computer safe unit, and it is one of the best because it doesn’t require any grounding cable. So, you need to touch the probe to the electrical contact and any metal portion of your vehicle to complete the circuit. It is a stainless steel tip which is sharp enough to pierce wire insulation.

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