Best Air Impact Wrench | Review of GOPLUS 1 inch. Heavy Duty Wrench Gun

Hi dude!
Are you an automotive Mechanic?
If you are looking for the right tools that perform general repairs on vehicles, tires and other equipment, you are probably in the right place.

The Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool is the right pick for you.


Choosing Wisely?

There are a number of good brands in the market but when you are buying an Air  impact Wrench you have to choose the  one that suits your need best

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool will get your heavy duty garage work done with a lot of ease and comfort. Having this tool is having a mechanic assistant to take care of your vehicle and garage work all the time. This Air Impact Wrench is like a friend in need and it is a friend indeed!  Let us get to know our friend before we purchase it.


Read our in-depth review of the Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool to learn more.

Let’s go…..

Who Is This Product Designed For?

  • Automotive Mechanics – If you are an automotive mechanic who is looking for a tool to get repair work for your vehicle this is the right tool. The Goplus 1’ Air Impact wrench is suitably and specially designed for you
  • People looking for heavy use – If working with trucks, cars, tires and other heavy equipment is your job then this machine can come to the best of your service. The heavy torque of 1900ft-lbs allows heavy work to be done easily.
  • People looking for lifespan – This is a onetime investment that will serve you for a long time in the future after you buy it. It is basically damage resistant due to its aluminum body and rust-free coating.
  • Labor saving technology – you would, of course, want a tool that would save much of your energy and effort. This tool reduces work fatigue by the way it is designed.
  • Easy use with auxiliary handle – An auxiliary handle gives a comfortable grip of the Goplus 1” Air Impact wrench which makes working with it easier.
  • General repair work on trucks, tires and heavy duty equipment – As stated earlier the Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool is perfect for general repair work in the garage.
  • Both domestic and commercial use available – Not only in the garage is the Goplus 1” Air impact wrench can be of good domestic use. It gets various household repair jobs done with professional efficiency.
  • People looking for portability should resort to purchasing the Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool because it comes with a Tool Kit Blow molded case which makes transportation easy.

Technical Specifications of Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool

When you’re buying this, you need to know the following specifications:

♦ Free Speed: 4200 RPM (Rotation Per Minute)- The high rotation speed drills nuts and bolts smoothly into tough surfaces.

♦ Max Torque: 1900 Ft-lbs- The heavy torque of 1900 Ft-lbs provides a powerful impact on the work being done on your trucks, cars or other heavy equipment.

♦ Air Inlet: 1/2″ NPT( National Pipe Thread Tapered).

♦ Square Drive: 1″ (25.4mm) – It has a 1” square drive can be used on various machines and equipment.

It also includes a  1-1/2″(38mm), 1-5/8″(41mm) sockets It comes with two variable socket sizes to choose from according to the need.

Technical Details

Item Weight:    41 pounds

Package Dimensions:    26.5 x 12 x 7 inches

Power Source:   air-powered

Batteries Included?       No

Batteries Required?      No

The great features that make Goplus 1″ air impact wrench gun heavy duty pneumatic tool best

We bet you cannot wait to hear about its great top features. Right?

It’s nice to hear that the Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench comes with an array of features to get you going.

Here we go.

  • Heavy Duty: The Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool performs the heavy-duty task on your trucks or vehicles. This feature makes the air impact wrench a high-performance garage tool.
  • Made of High Strength Aluminum Alloy: The strong aluminum alloy body makes the machine strong and long-lasting. You can now do heavy duty work for a longer period of time without fear of damaging your impact wrench.
  • Anti-Rust and Anti-Corrosion Finish: To add to strong aluminum alloy body the wrench is also specially manufactured to prevent rust and corrosion. This increases the longevity of the product and saves you the trouble of maintaining ace and repair. The body of the Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench is made strong enough for continued heavy work at home or in the garage.
  • Long-Serving Lifespan: The aluminum alloy body and the anti-rust and corrosion feature give the Goplus 1 a long-serving lifespan.
  • A Necessity in Household Garage or Repair Shop: When you have this product at your garage or home you will surely find the good use for it. The Go Plus 1 Air Impact is a necessary tool for maintenance and repair.
  • Easy to Operate: The tool is also very easy to operate
  • Labor Saving Air Impact Design: The Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun is designed in such a way that saves your extra effort. The labor-saving design enables you to work for long without fatigue.
  • Easy to Use with Auxiliary Handle: The auxiliary handle provides a firm and comfortable grip while working. This also increases work efficiency and ease.
  • Also comes with: A 1″ Square drive.
  • Max Air Pressure of 175 PSI: The Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench has a maximum air pressure of about 175 PSI which generates heavy power and delivers performance.
  • Rated Free Speed of 4200RPM: The air impact wrench has a high speed of 4200RPM with 6 levels of speed adjustments which you can adjust according to your need. There are also 3 speeds forward and 3 speeds reverse.
  • Max Torque of 1900ft/lbs: is perfectly suited for heavy duty work on trucks, cars, tires and other equipment.
  • Perfection: Perfect for general repair work on trucks, tires and heavy-duty equipment.
  • The Speed Variations: This feature enables the Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench to be used for lighter works at home or heavy work in the garage.

That’s All?

No, wait there is more…

All the required necessary things are also included with the package. The Package includes a 1-1/2″(38mm) and a 1-5/8″(41mm) socket.

  • One 1/2″ NPT air inlet.
  • An internal hexagonal wrench makes working easy.
  • Mobil-oil pot adds to the value of the pack
  • There is also a Portable Tool Kit Blow-molded case. This keeps the tools organized and makes transportation easy. It can be put under the vehicle seat simply when not needed.

What’s Good About It?

What more could you expect for this heavy duty Air Impact Wrench?

Let’s see.

  • Used for heavy duty
  • Aluminum body makes it strong and long-lasting
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion
  • Easy to operate
  • Labor-saving design
  • Comfortable grip with auxiliary handle
  • 6 variable speeds with 3 speed forward and 3-speed reverse
  • Portability


Is Goplus 1″ Air Impact Wrench Gun Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool the right choice?

Yes if you are looking for a heavy duty powerful tool that will last longer with minimum maintenance cost this is the one. The high torque and variable speed provide multiple options for use at the garage or even at home. The portability along with the feature of high performance makes this wrench a worthy purchase.

The Goplus 1” Air Impact Wrench is high on reputation and trustworthy. The longevity is backed by immense power and performance. Comfortable to be used in the garage and homes this portable machine can be your perfect assistant.

Best Wishes with your purchase

Do let us know if the article was helpful in making your purchase. Any opinions and comments are welcomed in the comment section below….


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